Team Germany (Berlin)
Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee
Skipper: Thomas Köbbert
Navigator: Simon Gorgels
Boat Name: KREYSER
Sailing Number: RUS 5020
About Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee
In 1867 the association Seglerhaus am Wannsee (VSaW) was founded and is therefore the second oldest sailing club in Germany. It is a non-profit association and the pennant colours are in accordance with the tradition of that time - black / white / red. Regular, extraordinary and external members, juniors and members of the youth department add up to the stately number of currently almost 1,000 members.

In 2017, the association Seglerhaus am Wannsee looked back on 150 years that had passed since 1867, when 14 people interested in sailing sports founded the association and thus laid the foundation stone for organized sailing sports in Germany.

In the seventh year of the German Sailing League, VSaW has become the National Champion of Germany for the first time.
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