Nord Stream Race eSeries and eTrophy
This spring, three virtual non-stop races through the Baltic Sea will be launched for the first time with the "NSR eSeries". In the summer, the NSR eTrophy will be contested virtually on the water from Kiel to St. Petersburg at the same time as the Nord Stream Race. Each virtual race will take players for more than 800 virtual nautical miles through the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg.
Nord Stream Race eTrophy
The 10-day NSR eTrophy will take place during the Nord Stream Race.
Start: Monday, 6th September at 14:00hrs at the same time as the real Nord Stream Race. Join now in the "Virtual Regatta" app.
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Nord Stream Race eSeries
The virtual Nord Stream Race consists of three individual races, each taking approximately 5 days to compete. The winner of each race wins an iPad. The overall winner of all three races will receive 2000€ prize money and a place on board for a race during the Nord Stream Race in summer.
NSR eSeries
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