Jean-Jacques Neven from France wins Race 2 of NSR eSeries
After four days and four hours, Frenchman Jean-Jacques Neven crossed the finish line first in Race 2 of the NSR eSeries. Over 75,000 e-sailors participated in the virtual race in the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg.
The 55-year-old from Brest has been regularly taking part in e-sailing regattas for over twelve years. In Race 1 of the NSR eSeries, he already finished in 16th place.
With another top result in Race 3, he is going for the overall victory at the premiere of the NSR eSeries.

After crossing the finish line, Jean-Jacques Neven answered some questions:

Since when are you e-sailing? What do you like about e-sailing?
My first race in e-sailing was the Vendée Globe 2008/2009. The name of my boat for this first race was Globi. My ranking at the end was around the 4,000th place, if I remember correctly. I never stopped e-sailing since this first Vendée Globe.

I only practiced offshore races. I tried inshore races at the start of this game, but I prefer longer competitions, with multi-day or week strategies.

Currently, I have put aside this aspect of discovery from the first races, and it’s more the competitive spirit that drives me at the start of a race. Another pleasure, just as important, is the great atmosphere that reigns within our TPN team, through our discussions throughout the races and the year.

Are you a sailor?
I’m not a sailor, but I’m lucky to live by the sea, and when the opportunity to spend a day on a sailboat presents itself to me, I do not hesitate for long.

Why do you compete in the NSR eSeries?
I participated in the NSR eSeries competition, for the pleasure of playing, to be able to navigate a sea which is rarely traveled by the races organized by Virtual Regatta, and also to try to win one of the prizes by the organizer of the NSR eSeries.

How was your tactic for the race?
My tactic for this second race of the NSR eSeries was not to take excessive risks when passing the buoys or when going around the different islands. I thought the decision would come after the Åland Islands mark. I had to be in the top 30 after this mark. I opted for a fairly southerly route to reach Saint Petersburg. I stayed there until the last jibe on the day of arrival. So I jibed at the head of the “Southern group” and I was able, on one last and interminable tack under a light spinnaker, to cross the finish line in the lead.

What’s the biggest challenge of the NSR eSeries?
The biggest challenge with NSR eSeries races is not getting stranded pulling edges between all the small islands that line the northern Gulf of Finland course. Navigating there in real life must be a real pleasure.

Do you compete in Race 3 again? If yes, any adjustments or the same strategy as this time?
Yes, I’ll be taking part in the last round of the NSR eSeries. Regarding my strategy, I will only talk about it in the presence of my lawyer ;-)

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Photo: Jean-Jacques Neven

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