Team Russia (Moscow)
Leviathan Sailing Team
    Skipper: Mikhail Sheremetyev
    Sailing Number: RUS 5017
    Boat Name: Bronenosec`50
    Team Russia - Leviathan Sailing Team
    Russia will be represented for the first time by the Leviathan Sailing Team (LST) at the Nord Stream Race 2019. The team of the Burevestnik Yacht Club from Moscow was founded in 2014 and is the youngest club in this year's edition of the 1,000 mile race across the Baltic Sea. Last year, the Moscow team won the Russian league for the first time and thus qualified for the SAILING Champions League and also for the Nord Stream Race. On the Baltic Sea, they will start the race as defending champions thanks to victory by last year's experienced Russian representatives, Lord of The Sail – Asia.

    So far in the history of the race, Russia has won three times. Despite being new to this demanding race, Leviathan wants to justice to its role as defender of the title. "Only victory counts," says team captain Vadim Yakhinson.
    Leviathan Sailing Team #teamrussia